Options Profit Calculator is a great stock option resource and tool to help investors figure out what the potential profit or their position on a given stock option trade will be at any time over the trading months until expiry. Time decay and volatility changes cause varying effects on a trading position depending on what options trading strategy is used. Our handy stock-investment search tool will help eliviate the unknowns
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Welcome to OptionsProfitCalculator.com

If you're an options trader, you will already know the amazing earning power of options. You will also have faced the battle of choosing a strategy which both meets your profit target and is within your trading comfort zone.

OptionsProfitCalculator.com seeks to minimize that battle by providing you a simple way to compare various options trading strategies side-by-side. By doing this, you will be able to quickly determine the best strategy for a given trade - which suits you!

The 3rd Dimension: Time

Other profit calculators only show you the returns at expiry. What about the other 30 days? How can you make informed decisions without this information.

With our unique ROI tables, you can see your expected ROI on any given day, at any given price. This knowledge is vital to forming an educated exit strategy.

Check out our Options Strategy Calculators:

Our site offers a range of traditional options trading strategies to compare.

Covered Call
Call / Put Buy
Put Spread
Call Spread
Collar / Calendar Collar
Iron Condor
Butterfly Spread
Calendar Spreads

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Compare a trade's ROI at possible prices over time.